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The Boeker Family

Serving the Lord by serving the Quechua people

With your support we work at Diospi Suyana Hospital to help the highland Indians of Peru.



We are living in Peru, working at Diospi Suyana Hospital

In September 2016 our family of four, Dr. Tim & Dr. Miriam Boeker along with our sons, Sem & Joah, will Travel to Peru as we plan serving at Diospi Suyana Hospital in Curahuasi. 

Dr. Miriam Boeker, who is a gynecologist and obstetrician, helps women with their health issues, performs surgeries and assists in deliveries. 

Dr. Tim Boeker, who is an orthopedic surgeon, treats injured patients after accidents, patients with chronic musculoskeletal diseases and children with congenital skeletal disorders. 

Sem Tobias Boeker is a student of Colegio Diospi Suyana. 

Joah Ben Boeker attends the kindergarten of Colegio Diospi Suyana.

Our motivation

Grown up in a privileged country and given the opportunity of a great education we hope to bless others with what God has blessed us with. As Christians we feel responsible to use our gifts to follow Christ’s example in serving the poor, the sick and the socially disadvantaged.

Diospi Suyana Hospital

Diospi Suyana (which means “We trust in God” in the Quechua language) is dedicated to reaching out to the Quechua people who are the highland Indians of Peru. The Hospital´s mission is to provide high standard health care and share the gospel.



Our schedule

September 1st 2016 we have travelled to Peru. After about five months we moved to Curahuasi and started to work at Diospi Suyana Hospital. Altogether we will live and work in Peru for a four-year term.

How to donate

If you need a tax deductible receipt, kindly send your donation to and payable to:

D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund,
P.O. Box 1578,
North Wales, PA., 19454

Your donation should be accompanied by a separate covering note or letter recommending that the proceeds of your gift be granted by the Fund to "416 - VDM Germany, Boeker".

Thank you most graciously.

Your support

Curahuasi is a very poor community and cannot afford high standard medical care. Diospi Suyana is financed by charitable donations. The physicians from overseas receive no salary from the hospital to keep the expenses as low as possible. Therefore our time in Peru working at the hospital will have to be fully funded by individuals and churches. We hope there will be people who feel moved to help us serve God by serving the Quechua.